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pop that y-rocks 9.22.09


my weekly circuit program airs tonight from 10-midnight and again saturday at the same time. this week, i’m rocking new music from the golden filter, the pains of being pure at heart, a place to bury strangers and more.

this wasn’t the playlist i originally set out to run with this week. I actually did a complete overhaul of the first hour upon discovering newer stuff this week. overall, i’m happy with the changes and think everything flows a lot better than it did last week.

full playlist lies beyond…

the golden filter – thunderbird
hercules & love affair – i can’t wait
the pains of being pure at heart – higher than the stars (saint etienne visits lord spank remix)
phoenix – fences (friendly fires remix)
lake heartbeat – mystery (ydre rymden dansskola remix)
the rapture – house of jealous lovers
toro y moi – left alone at night (pink skull remix)
ghosthustler – only me to trust
a place to bury strangers – in your heart (cereal spiller remix)
gang gang dance – bebey (dj/rupture and matt shadetek remix)
the very best – rain dance (feat. m.i.a.)
memory tapes – bicycle (horrors cosmic dub)
the xx – basic space (pariah remix)
animal collective vs. the beach boys – i’m waiting for my banshee
a sunny day in glasgow – passionate introverts
caribou – hendrix with ko
maps – i dream of crystal
the big pink – too young to love (delorean remix)
desire – under your spell
basement jaxx – feelings gone (feat. sam sparro)
the field – the more that i do (foals remix)

if you have any requests or recommendations for next week’s playlist, don’t be shy. shoot me an email or leave one in the comments below…


scoring life with the golden filter


another random daily activity, another oddly appropriate soundtrack, this time courtesy of two tracks, old and new, from one of my favorite up and coming blog artists of 2009, the golden filter

my love affair with this group actually began not with their first single, the epic song-of-the-year contender “solid gold,” but with a remix of one of my favorite singles of 2008, cut copy’s “far away.” the winning disco glide they gave to that track prompted me to check out their own stuff (or what little of it i could find) and from there, i was hooked.

with nary a roller rink in sight where i live, i often find myself shuffling to solid gold while doing the next best thing: walking. i walk to work. i walk home. i walk aimlessly throughout the city, and every time “solid gold” comes on my ipod, my walk hastens into a catwalk-worthy strut, regardless of who’s watching. the simple yet insistent beats (both programmed and live), the razor-sharp synth jabs, even singer penelope’s languily lilting vocals inspire blissfully linear momentum.

this past weekend, i found myself walking up the avenue of the arts to wxpn in the evening to do some prep work for my radio show (more details on that later) and guess what came on the shuffle? as the song reached its percolating crescendo, something almost magical happened. the lights that dress and caress the upper windows of the buildings on the block of broad street between walnut and locust street began to blink, changing colors in nearly perfect synch with the song’s twinkling final chorus like some large-scale, metropolitan mirrorball. i kept waiting for the passers-by on the street to form a soul train.

needless to say, this fanciful occurrence re-piqued my interest in the filter (who’ve been more or less radio silent throughout the summer) going into the new week. i came into work to do my daily morning blog scroll and came across the most gloriously timed news, they have a new single coming out in november on dummy! it’s called “thunderbird” and the label was oh so kind enough to release the track (along with a pretty sick dub version) this week for free download.

they recommended playing the track “somewhere very high just before dawn breaks, somewhere very cold and very bright, or at night anywhere the northern nights can be expected.” i couldn’t wait to find anywhere like that so i listened to it while walking through the city, just as the sun was setting. daybreak, twilight, this song is all about the sun. the percolating bass in the verse was personified by the dull glimmers of light bouncing off of the building surrounding me. and as the soaring chorus took flight, i passed the buildings and the sun literally blossumed out from behind, bathing and blinding me while penelope’s donna summer wail (i dare you not to think of “i feel love” when hearing this) simply went higher and higher until it seemed to be swallowed into its own light. the feeling i was left with was downright ethereal.

i’ve re-listened to the track at least ten more times in the twenty four hour span since then. no such moment of equal euphoria has happened again yet. but i doubt that will stop me from trying at least another ten times by tomorrow.

get the song here and see if you have your own revelation.

clash of the remixes: au revoir simone


i’m trying out a new recurring post where i take two remixes of a song and stack them against each other to see which is better. let’s see how it goes.

as big a fan as i am of this year’s still night, still light, i’m a firm believer that au revoir simone are a group best enjoyed in remixed form. in fact, i think they’d be even more enjoyable if they just said fuck it and became a full blown dance act. look no further than their stellar turn on friendly fires’ “paris” for evidence of that.

clearly i’m not the only one who thinks this as they’ve got as many djs and artists lining up to discofy their catalogue as any dfa artist these days (and when’s the last time the rapture had a whole album’s worth of remixes released?). for this post, it’s two remixes of a particular track off of their lastest that have piqued my interest. tracks and assessments after the jump…

already one of the dancier songs in their catalogue (and hence of my faves by them), “another likely story” has already spawned two different re-interpretations within a week of each other.

just last week, neon indian (aka VEGA aka alan palomo) applied his dreamy electro aesthetic to the song with a slinkier beat and some deliciously dated synth sounds straight out of an ’80s action movie.

now today comes an 8-bit take on the track courtesy of aeroplane (still waiting on a full length from you guys, btw), with even punchier percussion and a few tropical flourishes that blossum into a lushly layered crescendo that practially drops a mirror ball over your head as you listen.

my pick is the latter of the two when push comes to shove but as always, i’m looking to spark some civil debate so have a listen to both at the links below and leave your thoughts in the comments. also, feel free to comment on other artists you’d like to see in this feature should i continue with it.

another likely story:

neon indian’s version

aeroplane’s version (thanks discobelle!)

back in the swing of things


i promised a fuller re-launch this month and technically i’m sticking to that promise. i’m still ironing out some different ideas for what and how to post to make pop that rocks really… well, pop. but in the meantime, you may have noticed that i’ve posted a little poll for all to see. with summer fading fast from minds and weather, i thought it fitting to reminisce on which songs released during it really summed up or brightened our off seasons. take a look at the options and vote for your favorite. if you select “other,” please state your choice in the comments below. enjoy.

in other news…

my radio show has moved to a new night! from now on, pop that rocks is taking over the circuit on y-rock on xpn. i’ll be specializing in alternative dance, remixes, mash-ups, and a little of my good ole’ fashioned bloggy goodness for consistency’s sake. it will air from ten to midnight every tuesday night and re-air at the same time every saturday night. this week’s show featured new music from fever ray, HEALTH, memory tapes, and more.

check out the full playlist after the jump…

passion pit – the reeling (calvin harris remix)
fever ray – seven (martyn’s seventh mix)
delorean – deli
junior boys – work
la roux – bulletproof (fred falke remix)
washed out – you’ll see it
VEGA – no reasons
deastro – kurgan wave number one
pictureplane – gang signs
the xx – shelter (them jeans drum edit)
major lazer – keep it goin’ louder (tommie sunshine 12″ mix)
YACHT – we have all we ever wanted
au revoir simone – another likely story (neon indian remix)
bloc party – letter to my sun (twins remix)
HEALTH – before tigers (CFCF remix)
cut copy – sands of time
sally shapiro – miracle (bogdan irkuk remix)
max tundra – parallax error beheads you
memory tapes – stop talking
telefon tel aviv – stay away from being maybe
the big pink – velvet (gang gang dance remix)
the notwist – boneless (panda bear remix)