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More Memory Tapes



Counting the days until the release of the debut album from new Weird Tapes/Memory Cassette amalgam Memory Tapes. While the mysterious group/entity has yet to nail down a release date for the full length, its first single, the alternately sunny and spacey party-starter “Bicycle,” will be out on Aug 18 (available for pre-order here). (more…)


Heads Will Explode



Just when you thought you’d finally fixed the gash in your head, New York’s loudest band A Place to Bury Strangers are back to tear open a new one. (more…)

New Big Pink Single – Dominos



The Big Pink’s eagerly anticipated debut album, A Brief History of Love, comes out Sept 14 on 4AD. It’s to be preceded by the mesmerizing, Vervey new single, “Dominos.” (more…)

Another Reason I Heart Anthony Gonzalez


Turns out the M83 mastermind kicks ass in more ways than one, especially when some pompous venue douchebag tries to mess with his fans.

You can catch the full story over at Consequence of Sound but first check out this video of the incident showing Gonzalez laying the literal smackdown on The Man at a concert in Ohio…

LOVE even more how the band keeps playing around all of this. Pretty damn well too.

Kurt Vile Helps Us Find “Religion”


childish prodigy

Damn if Matador isn’t just in a giving mood these days. Recent signee (and local fave for all my Philly peeps) Kurt Vile will release his debut for the label, Childish Prodigy, this October. (more…)

Grizzly Bear get “Ready, Able” on Letterman


They’re gonna to take a stab at this. Surely they’ll be more than alright…


Atlas Sound and Panda Bear do a Walkabout



What did you want to see

What did you want to be

When you grew up


Free Girls!



GvB has been salivating all over this San Francisco’s Girls for months now. Can’t say as I blame them. The songs I’ve heard so far have been perfect for late afternoon summer deck chillage. They seem to be really excited about their forthcoming full-length, cleverly titled Album and and out Sept 22 on the True Panther/Matador print. (more…)

D’arcy Wretsky: Alive and… well…



Ex-Smashing Pumpkin D’arcy Wretzky (or D’arcy Pumpkin-Ex as she’s apparently calling herself these days) called into Chicago radio station Q101 this week to check in. Here’s what we learned: (more…)

When I’m Gone



I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a hard time warming to NYC’s Vivian Girls at first. Hell, it still irks me a tad that they’ve inspired so much passion when the length of their catalogue to date maxes out at roughly a half an hour of music. Nevertheless, their slightly sloppy jangle has really grown on me (not as much as some people, mind you) and I’m even a little excited to see what they do next. (more…)