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Tumbling forward…


Well now we know what a link from Pitchfork really gets you. It gets you made by the DMCA. That’s right, folks. They found me, and once again, they’re giving me grief, resulting in Pop That Rocks being silenced over the past several days. Turns out on WordPress, they won’t even let you post until you contact them to find out you’ve had a post removed. Big time blurg

It’s just as well though. I’d been waiting for the right opportunity to make a change anyway and this gave me just the kick in the ass I needed. Hence, I’m proud to introduce you too…!

I’m already liking the new layout better, even though I’m still figuring out a way to incorporate my Twitter feed and blogroll. Be sure to update your feeds, bookmarks, links, etc. in the meantime, and head on over to check out my new reviews of Deerhunter and Glasser, as well as the latest song picked for the Pop That Rocks Interactive Mix Project! I’ll also be putting up my own individual mix (a Pop That Rocks first, finally!) in the coming days.

MP3s may come at a slightly slower rate for the time being as I try to practice extra scrutiny in what I post, but I’ll still be talking about new music that I like whenever I can, as well as playing in every week on Transmission. Hope you’ll keep following me. All twenty of you…


getting interactive: first contact


it took a few days, but i finally got a bite for my interactive mix project. i’d like to thank RJ for this selection.

the breeders – bang on

it’s not one that i would think of at first but it fits perfectly with the vibe of the first song…

the vocals switch from sampled to sung and the beat picks up a bit, giving the mix an increased forward momentum while maintaining the playfulness. what do you think?

as it stands, we’re at two tracks:

1. ceo – everything’s going to be alright
2. the breeders – bang on

still plenty of songs to go! don’t be shy with requests/suggestions for what comes next, be they through comments, email, or twitter.

watch the glow


here’s a gorgeous new song from sweden’s museum of bellas artes, soon to featured on a limited edition 7″ coming out next month on transparent. listen below and then pre-order it here.

Museum Of Bellas Artes – Watch The Glow by TransparentRecs


aint nobody like memory tapes…


cuz memory tapes don’t stop. this time, mr. hawk improves on this new song by clare maguire in every possible way.

clare maguire – ain’t nobody (memory tapes remix)


transmission 9.9.2010


my weekly internet radio show transmission airs tonight at 9pm ET on y-not radio. tune in to hear new music from class actress, twin shadow, gold panda, robyn, diamond rings and many more. if you have a track or artist that you think is transmission-worthy, feel free to hit me up via e-mail or twitter.

this week’s playlist after the jump…


gold panda – lucky shiner


streaming in full at his website, where you can also purchase the digital album now. either way, you need to hear this shit.

getting interactive



as longtime readers (all three? four of you?) may remember, i had long ago expressed an interest in making pop that rocks more open to outside participation and contributions. i also keep teasing the prospect of making and posting mixes.

inspired by an idea my friend john has executed with moderate success in the past amongst his friends, i thought it might be fun to combine these aspirations. hence, this announcement/invitation for the pop that rocks interactive mix project!

think of it as a game of telephone. sort of. i’ll start by posting the song here that i’d like to kick off the mix with. you would then submit a song that you think should go after it. it can be any song you like. i’ll keep constructing the mix from various submissions and close it with one more selection of my own once we’ve reach about and hour and twenty of music (typical mix CD length). sounds easy enough right?

you can submit your suggestions for songs in the comment section, via email, or through my twitter. i’ll probably update the mix every two days or so in order for people to see what’s chosen and decide what they think should go next. depending on how many submissions i get, i’m going to try and maintain a limit of one song inclusion per user.

so without further delay, let’s get this thing started! i’m beginning with a b-side from one of my favorite new acts of the year, ceo, aka eric berglund of the tough alliance. released online shortly after his delightful debut album white magic, “everything is going to be alright” more readily reflects his parent project’s balearic, beat-driven beauty.

its looping beat, wordless sighs and house samples make for what i think is a perfect start to this little game.

have a listen below and see what you think should come next. i’ll update the post in the next day or so with one of your recommendations.

ceo – everything is going to be alright

have fun and thanks in advance for playing!

fyi, i’m also open to suggestions on a nifty graphic to run with the finished mix.

transparency is the new mystery


a day after saying some not so nice things about best coast (which bethany responded to in lovably classy, brassy fashion last night on the first night of her tour), marnie stern is putting her music where her mouth is and sharing a sweet new song from her forthcoming self-titled album.

i’m liking the relative restraint in her vocals and playing on this song compared to past ones.

marnie stern – transparency is the new mystery


teengirl fantasy – cheaters (music video)


teengirl fantasy‘s new video/screensaver for their swell new single “cheaters.”

7 AM can’t get here fast enough.


gentlemen who fell


i already thought that diamond rings was pretty cool. ditto milla jovovich. now that the former has covered an obscure mid-90s song by the latter, i’m even more convinced of said coolness.

listen above and grab an MP3 over at stereogum.