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color your life for free


color your life, the gorgeous new EP from twin sister, is one of my favorite releases of this spring, and i’m not alone. even pitchfork likes it.

and now, for the next two weeks, you can download the EP in its entirety from twin sister’s website. no strings. no emails.

here’s an appetizer to get you started…

all around and away we go


the cold world melts


another slick new italo track from portland’s soft metals. a little darker and more Blade Runnerish then the last one but no less replayable.

the cold world melts

and in case you missed it last time…

love or music

thanks no conclusion!

pop that y-rocks 3.30.2010


my weekly internet radio show, the circuit, airs tonight at 10pm ET (and again saturday at 9pm ET) on y-rock on xpn. tune-in to hear new music from the golden filter, delorean, hot chip, the juan maclean and more. if you have an artist or track that you think is circuit-worthy, feel free to send them my way via email or twitter.

this week’s full, mp3-enhanced playlist goes as follows:

yes giantess – the ruins (fear of tigers remix)
delorean – stay close
hot chip – i feel bonnie feat. bonnie “prince” billy (club version)
music go music – warm in the shadows (villa remix)
florrie – panic attack (fred falke extended remix) (get it here)
hercules and love affair – blind (frankie knuckles remix)
the juan maclean – feel so good (get it here)
caribou – odessa (nite jewel remix)
the golden filter – stardust
lindstrøm – paaskelyd (bottin remix)
prins thomas – uggebugg
glasser – tremel (jamie xx remix)
the xx – islands (nosaj thing remix)
these new puritans – attack music (troublemaker remix)
phantogram – you are the ocean and i am good at drawing
glass candy – feeling without touching
egyptian hip hop – heavenly
lovelife – jimmys
dam-funk – do u feel the same way i do
freelance whales – generator first floor (aislyn remix)

tonight tonight: the xx


tonight at the first unitarian church sanctuary with openers jj and nosaj thing. hopefully jj will fare better than they did last week. tickets are SOLD OUT.

the xx – islands (nosaj thing remix)

too drunk or not enough?


am i the only one still on the fence about this one? i always seem to have a knee jerk reaction with the first single from each lcd soundsystem album, only to fall in love with the whole thing when it comes out. still, after the depth and resonance of sound of silver, this back-to-basics party fodder strikes me as curious.

i just hope there’s enough stuff on par with “someone great” or “all my friends” on the new album to compliment these tracks, especially if the rumors are true and this will actually be james murphy’s last one.

new album’s out may 18 on DFA. still no word on a title yet.

UPDATE: it’s called this is happening. well put, mr. murphy.

panic attack! call 911!


say hello to florrie, ladies and gentlemen. she’s a “drummer – singer – songwriter” out of the UK with roots in the xenomania production house. she seems to be doing what little boots wants to do, and she’s doing it a lot better.

fred falke has lent his golden touch to a pair of choice debut tracks from her which you can listen to here before heading over to her website for the high quality versions. i’m partial to “panic attack,” myself.

panic attack (fred falke extended remix)

call 911 (fred falke remix)

can’t wait to hear more from this girl. these numbers alone are enough to forget all about the massive disappointment of ellie goulding just last month.

photo by eleni mettyear

modern rock madness


i wouldn’t be a good employee if i didn’t pimp this to my dozens and dozens of readers.

listen and vote for all of your favorite y-rock artists this week (but be sure to give some love to the circuit vets as they pop up) in what we like to call modern rock madness. not march madness. no sir. this a perfectly unique and legal creation like ricky rouse and monald muck.

info’s here.

grid to follow along with is here.

listen and vote. rock on.

feeling without touching


this is glass candy‘s first official music video ever in their 14 year career. kind of hard to believe isn’t it? it’s directed by travis peterson and it’s about as simplistically alluring as you’d expect from the duo.

the feeling without touching EP is available now.

the golden filter x clock opera


so yeah. the golden filter’s forthcoming debut album voluspa leaked. sucks for them but these thing happen. rather than take it laying down, penelope and stephen are graciously offering the entire album for free digitally with pre-orders of the physical release (both CD and vinyl) at their website, along with two bonus tracks not included on the album proper (though i predict one of them may be the already available “favourite things”). the bargain’s definitely worth it.

they’ve also released a new remix of their single “hide me” by london’s clock opera, who kind of does kind of a four tet thing with it that i’m really digging. hopefully you will too.

listen to it here or go to their website and download it yourself for an email/tweet/facebook request.

hide me (clock opera remix)

voluspa comes out physically on april 26 internationally, june 15 stateside.

not to be confused with sprinkles


the other half of alan palomo’s original project, ghosthustler, has finally resurfaced. he calls himself lovelife (aka noah jackson) and he’s released a new song for all to hear called “jimmys.”

perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn’t sound all that different from palomo’s neon indian stuff, not that that’s ever a bad thing of course.

take a listen:


you can thank bryce isbell, aka FUR, for the tip on this one.